KODE — Make sure a certain kit is fully stocked to help mend what ails you.

“Bandaging supplies is a major one. And a number of large like 4×4 pads so you can put something clean. Even if you have a major injury and you just need to bandage it until you can get to the hospital. Um it’s good to have several of these 4×4 pads so you can cover the wound before you put like a towel or something else over it,” said Freeman Dr. Paula Hartzell.

A well-stocked first-aid kit should also have supplies to treat allergies.

“Also Benadryl tablets are a very good thing to give someone who’s having an allergic reaction. Also hydrocortisone cream, any other kind of like itch cream for insect bites and that sort of thing,” said Dr. Hartzell.

Don’t forget to stock pain relievers.

“The 81 mg aspirin, if you were to have chest pain, 4 of those to take immediately before going to the hospital is a good thing. Also having Tylenol tablets and ibuprofen tablets are good to have in a kit as well,” Dr. Hartzell added.

Be sure to check expiration dates twice a year. And remember some injuries will require professional help, including a wound that won’t stop bleeding or a deep cut that may need stitches.