JOPLIN, Mo. — October, of course, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – something that tops the calendar at the Pink Door Boutique in Joplin.

“We all know someone that has that has dealt with this battle,” said Lisa Nelson, Pink Door Boutique Coor.

And Lisa Nelson points out that means there’s a big footprint for the Pink Door Boutique.

“We are a boutique that offers mastectomy items for patients hat need the garments for after their surgery and for many years following that if need be, and we also offer some fabulous boutique items for anyone.”

Post mastectomy options include specialized bras and prosthetics to help ease the transition for a breast cancer patient.

“It’s just there’s so many things of the unknown. And so they come over here and they feel like okay, I know I’m going to need something for after my surgery. Show me what that is. So we can help them at least take control of that one piece hopefully.”

And they also have products to help those patients whose chemotherapy leads to hair loss.

“We have all kinds of hats. And scarves, turbans, things like that, that we also carry wigs for ladies that choose that route as well.”

But Lisa also wants to help women before the diagnosis.

“We love this is our fourth year for our breast cancer awareness t shirt and during the month of October we will give $5 for the purchase for each t-shirt this purchase toward the helping friends mammal fund and that is such a great piece that our Foundation offers here for women that either do not have coverage for a mammogram or a very high deductible.”

Leading to more mammograms for more women for early detection if there is breast cancer.

“Just to make sure that you are not one of those that have to go through this,” said Nelson.