JOPLIN, Mo. — There’s a new tool for disaster response in the Four States. Not one, but two emergency trailers designed to support a quick response in times of crisis.

“When we have any type of mass casualty event, the you know the big challenge is having enough ambulances to transport those patients to the hospital.”

EMS Chief Jason Smith said more resources at the scene can literally save lives.

“So unfortunately, mass casualty events are becoming more common. And so having this type of an asset that can be used in the community, having that large quantity of medical supplies to be able to use that on the scene would be important for the community.”

And that’s the goal of two new disaster response trailers at Freeman Health System, according to Skip Harper.

“They have enough trauma supplies to set up a triage area as a staging area. On any type of a train derailment. We have a large fire and apartment complex and active shooter at a school. We can roll these out to support our EMS partners,” said Harper.

The trailers are also equipped with a range of communications tools to make sure residents and emergency responders have a reliable connection.

“With every disaster that happens. The first thing that fails is the communications and this system it gives us 5g dedicated system. It runs through a special Missouri’s program and gives us priority access. It has a backup satellite system has multiple radio types of frequencies.”

Harper adds the trailers aren’t just for Freeman.

“We’ve spent a lot of time talking with local fire emergency management, other EMS agencies. If something happens, this is free like it’s yours. You come and get it if it’s needed in Pittsburg, Kansas, in Grove, OK, and Lamar, Parsons. You know, this is something we are invested in the community with.”

One trailer will be stationed in Joplin, the second one in Neosho.