JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s veins and arteries, valve issues, and heart failure, and that’s just scratching the surface when it comes to our heart health.

“Pretty cool collaboration I had with my father, who is also like me an interventional cardiologist back in India,” said Dr. Vigyan Bang, Freeman Interventional Cardiologist.

A new book focuses on cardiology, specifically the most up-to-date research and results in helping heart patients.

“Not only does it cover the bread and butter of cardiology but also the latest and greatest. And so the field changes rapidly, and we’re now able to fix heart blockages, whether they’re fresh heart attacks or old blockages that are difficult to fix. Whether it is heart valve disease, or patients that are ineligible for cardiac surgery because it’s too high risk for them,” said Dr. Bang.

The goal is to make sure doctors keep up with new research and can use that to help patients.

“I think in cardiology, where we’re able to answer most questions that patients ask, backed by scientific data. But what that also means is that there is a lot of data that comes through, and oftentimes more than we can keep up with.”

Leading to the CSI Cardiology Update 2022 book.

“I think the onus falls upon us as cardiologists to be able to keep up to speed with all the data that comes out, so that we’re able to offer cutting-edge medicine and care to our patients. And so that’s what this book is about.”

Information comes from around 250 authors, dealing with everything from genetics to cardiac oncology.

“The idea of the book is to be able to assimilate the information that comes out so that we can provide our patients on a daily basis with cutting-edge medicine,” added Dr. Bang.