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JOPLIN, Mo. — Summer will be here before you know it. That comes with a long list of outdoor activities – a chance for family fun but also potentially risky for your child’s health.

“We’re getting to that time of year where we’re going outside more and we want to make sure that we’re protecting our skin,” said Dr. Beth Garrett, Pediatrician.

Sunscreen and protective clothing can help prevent sunburn, but there are some guidelines.

“Remember that only six months and up are approved for sunscreen now if you have to be outside and you can’t avoid it, talk to your pediatrician about how to stay safe.”

Going swimming can have potentially deadly consequences if children are left unattended.

“You want a designated Water Watcher for that child and that child is under the age of five we want somebody within arm’s reach. Don’t get a false sense of security because of floaties.”

If you have a pool at home, make sure it’s secured so that kids can’t get access without adult supervision.

“Children are master problem solvers, and they can get out of homes quickly. Then you want an alarm if that door or window opens to the pool.”

And don’t forget to protect children from the bug bites that can happen with any outdoor activity.

“When we use something containing DEET, we want to spray it on our hands and then rub it on the child and like skin that’s exposed. You can also apply it to the clothing if needed. And then when that child is done playing outside, go and take a bath or take a shower to get it off.”

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