MDC warns about bears nearing hibernation


MISSOURI — The Missouri Department of Conservation is asking people to be cautious of bears.

Right now bears are feeding to prepare to hibernate over the winter. In fact, the Summer of last year, a bear got as close as Rangeline Road.

So the Missouri Department of Conservation says they may be out looking for bird or cattle feed. If a bear comes close to your home do not give it food.

Francis Skalicky, Media Specialist for Missouri Department of Conservation, said, “as always don’t try to encourage a bear to be around. If you see a bear don’t put out food for it thinking you have a neat photo opportunity. Or video opportunity that’s a bad thing because all you’re doing is encouraging that bear to be around. Your encouraging a large mammal that can cause a lot of damage to your property.”

He says if you see a bear around your house scare it away by making noise and clapping your hands. If you see a bear while camping make sure to give it its space and don’t encourage it to be around. He says if you are camping for several days make sure to put any food in your car so the bears cannot smell

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