JOPLIN, Mo. — A local fast food restaurant chain is highlighting the work of area educators.

A group of 8 local teachers have been selected as the second annual “McDonald’s Outstanding Educators.”

The event honors teachers that exhibit dedication, perseverance and loyalty to their students and their occupation.

The grand prize winner will receive one thousand dollars — that’s “Joplin South Middle School” teacher Heather Van Otterloo.

“I mean I know that people know teachers spend a lot of their own money so it’s kind of exciting to be able to think about oh what can I get for my classroom but also what can I treat myself with you know with too, and I get a coffee mug, which I think is awesome and I get to give my kids, 25 of my kids, I get to give them as special certificate which comes with a coupon too and so exciting to be able to celebrate them as well,” said Heather Van Otterloo, Joplin South Middle School Teacher.

Other teachers that are one hundred dollar award winners include Karissa Sparlin, Cassi Stinnett, Dana Daugharthy, Ashlie Smoke, Roxcee McCully, Scotty Ann Wagner and Larry Dowell.