McDonalds makes book donation to Grove schools


GROVE, Ok. — More than 130 kindergarten students at Grove Early Childhood Center are learning an important lesson–reading is fundamental.

Pat Dodson, Superintendent, Grove Public Schools, said, “First I just want to thank McDonalds for assisting, they’ve always been a great partner in education for our schools.”

Students at Grove Early Childhood Center were all ears as a special guest read to their Kindergarten class.

Alex Maffei, Local McDonalds, Owner Operator, said, “McDonalds, education is very important to us. We try to give back to the schools as much as possible and definitely anything with books is great because it furthers their education.”

But little did they know, a surprise awaited at the very end—

“We just love the book and since we’re here on Grand Lake, we though it’d be a great thing give back to the kids today and give them a copy of Ms. Jacque’s book.”

In addition to the donation, they got a chance to meet the book’s Author Jacque Blauvelt, who signed every book.

Jacque Blauvelt, Author, Bass Buddies A to Z, said, “It’s one thing to write or illustrate a book, but it’s another to see a child come up with a way they view the world and it’s always a very fun and fascinating view.”

With the uncertainty surrounding the school year because of covid-19, administrators say they are grateful students will have a tool for education at their fingertips.

“It’s very important that Jacque has this book for our kids to hold in their hands, to manipulate, turn the pages at their own pace because it’s uncertain. We transitioned from distance learning to in-person class just because of covid, I think it’s so important for the kids to just have something that’s not a device,” said Dodson.

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