McDonald County works to increase distribution of covid-19 vaccines


MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. — The McDonald County leaders are focusing on getting out the covid-19 vaccine. But they didn’t have enough room to get the job done at their three clinics.

Debbie Spears Anderson Resident, said, “I don’t have a problem with this, I don’t there’s a lot of places across the country that are doing it the exactly the same way. This place just had the room. You know for them to be able to do this.”

Debbie and Harold Spears are getting the covid-19 shot.

“We live just real close so it was really easy.”

The McDonald County Health Department is focusing vaccine operations at the Indian Creek Park this week. The park has enough space for county nurses to keep track of all their patients.

Elsie Mustain Mcdonald Co Health Dept, said, “Our first time was a little rough but as soon as we set up here it worked out perfectly so we realize we can run way more vaccines through. Yesterday we actually did 240 here in 2 and a half hours.”

The original plan was to do it at a Baptist Church, but the park was a better fit to distribute the vaccines for first responders and people 60 and up.

Gregg Sweeten, McDonald Co. Emergency Mgmt., said, “So they come in and behind me is the area where they come and they come up to a area where there paper work is completed and they come to get their vaccine and they travel all around to the monitoring and to the final release.”

Since starting, it has helped the community travel to a closer location instead of having going out of town.

“We’ve got so many compliments you know how it’s run, how it’s organized. The fact that they can get here and get out quickly this is kind of the center of the county so you know it’s worked out really well.”

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