McDonald County students give back to the community for Earth Day


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — Local Earth Day festivities involved plenty of McDonald County High School students.

It was a way to teach the kids to give back to their community – and enjoy the outdoors. All while appreciating what the earth has to offer.

Missouri Colon, 12th grade, “Earth Day to me means giving back means giving back to my community, my planet taking care of it for the generations that are going to come after me even when I’m gone.”

18 students from McDonald County High School took time out of their school day to clean the Anderson Cemetery.

“We’ve been taking trash bags going around picking up, picking up the weeds, weed-eating around them making sure that they’re visible. Taking all the dirt sticks and stuff away from them so that they’re easy to be seen, easy to be legible, and presentable.”

Students had more than one option of how they wanted to celebrate earth day.

Jareth Lee, 12 grade, said, “some of the other programs they’ve gone fishing, there’s safari, they go to the local zoo, I can’t remember where it is for the life of me but then there’s also like some of them are going on a walking trail.”

The students spent most of the morning clean tombstones.

“Having fun is great and all but rather than that I’d rather give back to the community and preserve the area where I’ve lived and grown up for the past 18 years it’s something very near and dear for me.”

It’s all an effort to keep our planet healthy and clean.

“If you see trash somewhere pick it up don’t just leave it there for the next person to see or animals to choke on or for the pollution to get worse and worse and worse and find a way to do your part, look up local things recycle just essentially make a way to do your part,” said Colon.

The students also did cleanup work today at the cemeteries in Jane and Pineville. Another group of students went hiking and picked up trash at Morse Park in Neosho.

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