McDonald County students gain work experience in a unique way


MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. — Students at McDonald County High School are brewing up some work experience at a local coffee shop.

Kaycee Factor, 12th grade, said, “One of our teachers emailed us throughout the Summer mentioning that there would be a class that we can gain business experience and eventually earn scholarships and it sounded like really exciting to me and I was excited about the idea so I got back to my teacher and we kinda worked it all out and a few other students did that with me as well.”

Deja Brew was owned by the McDonald County Chamber of Commerce until the Student Chamber of Commerce took over.

“There was a group of students last year working with the Chamber of Commerce and they came up with the idea of the coffee shop and so we kind of followed through with what they were planning out because due to going virtually last year they didn’t get to go through with everything they wanted to.”

Students involved get hands on experience in the real business world.

“I’ve learned definitely about advertising and how important that is and that the word of mouth is very important and I’ve learned that it’s important to make sure everything’s organized and we know where everything is to keep track of everything so everyone knows and is making sure everything’s running correctly.”

Sydnie Sanny, 12 grade, said, “I drew the logo and it was really fun to do. Took a lot of time because I’m a perfectionist but I did it’s cool to see it in action now.”

They offer many options on the menu.

“We will be selling items such as vanilla ice coffee ice caramel macchiatos, hot coffee with creamers, we also have a café mocha which is kinda a chocolate coffee. And we can really make anything upon request like if someone brings in a drink that they like would like we could look it up or how to make it. Or they can tell us what’s in it,” said Factor.

All funds will go towards the students scholarships.

“I would use it towards tuition or just other expenses like books or just different fees that you’re given.”

The community has had a positive reaction the the shop.

“It’s a good feeling to know to know that you’re like you’re doing something good for the community and for yourself,” said Sanny.

Deja Brew will be open Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at 308 Harmon Street.

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