McDonald County State Rep named “Freshman Legislator of the Year”


A southwest Missouri lawmaker is honored for his work in the State House.

State Representative Dirk Deaton from Mcdonald County has been named “Freshman Legislator of the Year.”
The award was given to Deaton by House Speaker Elijah Haahr.
Deaton was elected to the state legislature last Fall, and sworn into office this past January.
He serves on the House Budget Committee and the Fiscal Review Committee.
Deaton says when he was given the award, Haahr told him it was specifically for his work on promoting fiscal responsibility and conservative spending.
“And he placed me on a number of committees at the beginning of this session, including the budget, fiscal review and special committee on government oversight that has allowed me to advocate for protecting tax payer dollars and ensuring our government is accountable for the money, the tax dollars that they spend,” says Deaton.
Deaton says the award has inspired him to continue working hard on his assigned committees.
He says he’s looking forward to finishing the session on a strong note.

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