McDonald County Schools learn school bus safety procedures for National School Bus Safety Week


PINEVILLE, Mo. — This week is “National School Bus Safety Week” — and it’s a big deal in McDonald County.

When it comes to daily school bus mileage, the district is second in the state at 2,723 miles a day. So, needless to say, school bus safety is a top priority.

Education is one of the top priorities at Pineville Primary School, and so is school bus safety. So — as part of National School Bus Safety Week, school officials want their students to be informed on the subject.

“We really started trying to use these programs because we’re all a team even the students,” said Tiffany Lilly – McDonald County Schools Transportation Director.

Students learned how to properly exit the bus in case of an emergency, and when to walk in front of the bus. Something Tiffany Lilly says not all students know.

“There’s so much going on on a school bus. So many distractions with their friends and other things going on that you know they just don’t absorb it sometimes,” said Lilly.

And students like Kaylea Vance enjoyed the learning opportunity.

“I liked getting on the bus and I liked, I liked going over there and talking to Ms. Lilly,” said Kaylea Vance – Second Grade Student.

“I loved getting to work with the kids. I just love answering their questions and they’re so curious about the different things with the bus and they asked questions I wouldn’t ever thought of asking,” said Lilly.

District officials hope this learning opportunity will also benefit students who don’t take the bus. Lilly adds those students can go home and tell their parents about school bus safety.

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