Bus drivers are needed in one of the biggest school transportation areas in Missouri.

This isn’t an uncommon problem for school districts. The McDonald County School District has experienced this problem before, but with the great job market and positive economy, it’s creating a negative effect on the search for drivers.

It’s not unusual for schools to need bus drivers.

“It’s difficult. We advertise, we have a bus out with a sign on it, we have our website that we are hiring,” says Clyde Davidson, McDonald Co. School Transportation Director..

And being the second largest school transportation route with more than 800 thousand miles of trips accounted for, and more than 2 thousand kids on the bus routes, it makes the search that much harder.

“Our high school is located in Anderson Missouri, so we have Southwest City and Noel and White Rock and Pineville and Rocket all have to come in for their high school kids and getting them back and forth for their activities and it’s difficult and it makes it difficult on the drivers,” says Clyde Davidson.

“It’s gotten a little stressful here recently. We’ve had a few drivers just recently decide to go in a different direction. They’ve moved and what not,” says Tiffany Lilly, McDonald Co. School Transportation Assistant Director.

But with the economy doing well, people want to have a full-time position that gives benefits.

“When the jobs are available people want insurance they want 40 hour a week jobs,” says Clyde Davidson.

The McDonald County School District has already acquired 6 drivers, which will fill the bare minimum of spots needed for routes, but the school is looking to hire more substitute drivers.

“We could use one or two more for sure and if things go well then we’ll  be set, but if we lose drivers throughout the year then we will be continually looking,” says Clyde Davidson.

And with school beginning in less than a month, that leaves little time to train and get drivers ready.

“They have to get their permit and then have to have it fourteen days before they can test and get their license and we train and work with them to do that,” says Davidson.

You can apply for a driver’s position at the McDonald County School District website. And we have provided a link to that here.