McDonald County School District Dinner Plunge


The McDonald County School District is currently offering free after school meals. The meals are available to all students regardless of their income. Last month, the district prepared more than 27,000 meals.

According to the district’s food management company, Opaa! Food Management Inc., one in every five children in Missouri experiences food insecurity.

“I remember being cold and I remember being hungry when I was little,” says Michelle Stites, the kitchen manager of Pineville Elementary School.

In honor of all children that are cold and hungry, food service staff members jumped into freezing water at Dabbs Greer Town Hole in Anderson, Missouri.

“We took care of the hungry part with the dinner program and now, we gotta get cold!” Stites expresses.

This act of appreciation is for staff members to show others they care for their students and never want a child to go hungry.

Left: Michelle Stites, Pineville Elementary School; Right: Janie Daugherty, Director of Nutrition

“I’m so thankful there’s a place that kids can come to,” Stites explains, “There’s a place that is like a home to them every time they come to the kitchen. They are like our own kids.”

Announcements for the food program can be found on Facebook.

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