McDonald County residents use last days of summer for fun


MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. — With summer ending in just over two weeks, some people are heading out to the water for the final time this year.

“This year has kind of been up and down just depend on weather the weather mainly and the creek level,” said Edward Ables – Sugar Island Owner.

With summer nearing an end, campground owners like Edward Ables of Sugar Island in Pineville have had a chance to look over how they’ve done this year.

“We had a rough start, but I mean we were able to have a few good weekends, and people were able to come float, tube and canoe and kayak and stuff, so I think we had a decent start,” said Ables.

With many people enjoying the outdoors and all the creek has to offer, Ables adds, for the last two weeks, boat activities, like kayaking are unavailable.

“Up until the creek got low we were fine running. We stayed fairly busy. People still came out and kayaked quite a bit this year,” said Ables.

“Although river levels are down, people are still coming out and finding ways to have fun.”

“We can’t wait. Every summer we’re like ‘river time, river time.’ We save our money, cost to get in, we just hold it back,” said Christina Chambers, creek goer.

“We have good swimming and stuff here. And the camps, camping’s been fairly busy. There’s quite a few RVR’s. Tent camping is down this year, but we have, it seems like a lot of people have new RV’s,” said Ables.

Ables adds boat activities won’t be available until their waters reach five and a half feet.

They are currently at 4.19.

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