McDonald County residents turn to social media after increase in local thefts


McDonald County residents turned to social media for help — posting pictures of stolen items on Facebook hoping someone sees them.

Items include everything from vehicles to animals.

The thefts occur at all hours of the day and night.

Citizens and law enforcement have been communicating with one another on social media but due to being short staffed, deputies are not able to reclaim the items as quickly as they can.

“We’re averaging about two calls every hour, so the two deputies are on-call in that hour and it includes the drive time, whether its in Pineville, Rocky Comforts, Southwest City, Tiff City,” explained Sheriff Michael Hall. “It’s a good little drive even if they are in the area, and they have to come back to do their reports in the office. It’s time consuming and we can always use more resources for law enforcement.”

“In the city of Anderson, we had four vehicles stolen in less than 36 hours and that doesn’t include all the stuff that is going on in this county,” added Anderson resident Shannon Brewer. “There are so many things getting stolen on a weekly basis, our sheriff’s office can’t keep up with it.”

Hall says they are doing the best they can to retrieve the stolen items.

The sheriff’s office asks if you see any acts of theft or have an item stolen, please call the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office at (417)223-4319.

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