ANDERSON, Mo. — If you can’t take the student out to the farm, why not bring the farm to the student?

That’s the goal of the annual McDonald county Ag Day, which is held each year in the county fairground, a short distance away from the high school students in the Future Farmers of America, or FFA, explain to second grade students from throughout the district, the process of how things get from the farm to the dinner table.

Although McDonald County is a rural school district, a lot of these kids had never seen an animal close up before today.

“I saw a sheep, goats, miniature goats, horse, chickens and a sheep, and a pig, a big fat pig,” said Adilina Stumpff, 2nd Grade, Rocky Comfort Elementary.

“You don’t have grow up on a farm but we just want them to know what you use all these different tools for, we have plants here today, we have all different kinds of animals, we have equipment, we just want to educate them on what all goes into farming and crop farming and all that,” said Maggie Pratt, McDonald Co. H.S. FFA Chapter President.

“Show them how to plant plants, chickens which is a huge industry here in McDonald County, uh and of course everyone’s favorite is the popcorn station because they get to eat, but they can learn about the corn and all the different aspects of that,” said Emily Hutton, McDonald Co. High School Ag. Teacher

“We had a girl ask us earlier “why don’t you just buy beef from the store, instead of having to butcher the cow?” And we had to explain to her you know that beef in the store comes from a cow so that was pretty, pretty interesting and you know it was good that she learned that today that you know that although we have to butcher the cow, that it still goes to the store for her to buy it there,” said Lane Allison, McDonald County High School FFA.

Several of these FFA students remember when they went to this same event when they were in the same grade, and for some, that’s what first peaked their interest in agriculture.