ANDERSON, Mo. — New technology is being implemented in every school in the McDonald County School District. It’s a project the school board approved earlier this year.

More than 300 new, high-tech security cameras are being installed. The district also plans to hire new school security officers — and add new electronic keyless entry locks on many of the outside doors in all of its buildings. It’s all in an effort to make things safer for students, faculty, and staff.

“Some of the cameras in our school system are 10 plus years old, and the resolution on those and just to be able to view what’s going on with those was getting difficult. And so these new cameras are going to allow school administrators to really be able to monitor the inside and the outside of our school buildings. It’s a much-needed upgrade,” said Ken Schutten, McDonald County Schools.

The total cost of the project is a little more than $300,000. It’s being paid for through ESSER Funding and is expected to be completely finished early this fall.