ANDERSON, Mo. — Teachers in the McDonald County School District return to campus. Part of the first day back for more than 300 of the district’s educators was a presentation at the Performing Arts Center. Superintendent Dr. Mark Stanton provided an update on things heading into the new school year. School resource officers also gave them a preview of some of the training they’d be going through involving security procedures.

“We’re also doing some increased security measures across the district. We’ve hired two new SROs, school resource officers, who will be serving in two different areas across the district. One will work one area and then one the other, and then we have some here in the central area, as well, so we’re looking forward to that. We think that’s going to make a difference. We’re also looking at increasing some keyless entry points on all the exterior doors, and then we’ve added new cameras all across the district and those are going in right now,” said Ken Schutten, McDonald County Schools.

School starts in McDonald County on August 22nd.