ANDERSON, Mo. — Football season is well underway — but there was a different kind of kick-off, today, in Anderson. Call this one a medicinal kick-off at McDonald County High School. As part of a partnership with Freeman Neosho Hospital, the school district will have medical-grade Telemedicine equipment on all of its campuses. The installation of the equipment at the high school was celebrated this morning.

“So once it’s identified that the child has a need that’s beyond the resources that the school nurse has available to them, they are able to contact the parent, obtain permission and be able to offer a Telemedicine visit that has medical-grade equipment right from the school nursing office,” said Renee Denton, Freeman Neosho.

“I always look for ways to easy access the care for our students and our staff. We want our students to be healthy and our staff to be healthy so that they can come to school and learn and be successful. And we want our parents to just have our assurance that we have their child’s best interest and that we’re trying to provide a safe and healthy workspace for them,” said Angie Brewer, MCHS Principal.

The plan is to have the Telemedicine units in all McDonald County Schools by the end of the calendar year.