ANDERSON, Mo. — Today’s announcement and demonstration were set up as a press conference — and for good reason. It was to help give journalism students a look at what the process is like from beginning to end.

They’re also writing about the recent McDonald County telemedicine partnership.

One of the students has been in love with writing since she was 8-years old.

“I have been since the 2nd grade. I read a dictionary and I thought it was interesting so I thought I’d start writing,” said Emily Faith Bennett, MCHS Sophomore.

“I love the class. It’s probably one of my favorite classes that I go to in a day. I really like writing, and when I became the student editor, I got that title and it just really lit a fire underneath of me to the best that I can,” said Ava Coffel, MCHS Junior.

“It’s not like we’re doing busy work in the class and they’re just interviewing each other for fun. This is what they’re going to do if they pursue this career, so seeing it firsthand is really helpful for them,” said Alexus Underwood, MCHS Journalism Teacher.

This is the first year for the school’s journalism class.