LANAGAN, Mo. — The ongoing water issues in the small community of Lanagan have been temporarily fixed.

After seven weeks with no running water, the 40 impacted families in Lanagan now have a temporary fix.

“I have 3 kids, so we went through a lot of water and we’d probably go through about 18 gallons a day with just the 3 kids, and when we first got water, the first thing I did was flush all the toilets like a little kid, and then, of course, I took a hot shower and gave all my kids hot baths and then it was just nice to be able to clean your home. Like, nobody talked about how hard it was to clean with no running water,” said Samantha Kenney, Lanagan Resident.

On June 23rd, the McDonald County Commission contracted New-Mac Electric and Hall’s Plumbing to create the temporary solution.

“We, in conjunction with the Mayor of the City of Lanagan, we were able to, with our ARPA funds, suspend a temporary water line over Indian Creek to allow the residents that had been without water for some time, to have water. And through local contractors, once the project started, it took about 5 days until they were able to have the water returned sufficiently where they could take a shower and have drinking water in their house,” said Jamey Cope, Eastern Commissioner, McDonald County.

On June 28th, residents had running water again for the first time in almost 2 months.

“I think it’s brought us closer together as a little community over here. Like, we’ve all been working together since we haven’t had water and helping each other out. Like, if anybody had extra water, we’d be passing it through the chain kind of thing, but it’s just brought us closer together,” said Kenney.

An application for a community development block grant to fund a more permanent solution was submitted through the Harry S. Truman Coordinating Council.

Officials have yet to hear whether they’ve been approved.