McDonald County High School students learn about 9/11 in unique way


ANDERSON, Mo. — Students at a southwest Missouri high school learned about 9/11 in a unique way today.

It wasn’t watching documentaries, reading text books or home work, but watching a school play.

Students gathered in the school’s performing art center where fellow classmates took center stage in a 9/11 remembrance play.

McDonald County High School students gathered into the schools performing art center in remembrance of twenty years since the 9/11 attacks.

Here, they watched their fellow classmates perform in “9/11 Remembrance Play” that goes over waking up the day of the attack, the reactions that took place after the towers were hit and the aftermath of the event.

“It gets them involved, it gets them emotionally involved. They get to see their fellow students out here in the play performing, and the choir singing and R.O.T.C. so it really brings it more home,” said Jonathan Holz – MCHS Social Science Teacher.

“Participating in this and playing the role that I did, quite unintentionally, I learned a lot. Like the magnitude of what happened, like the significance of the loss,” said Andrew Watkins – MCHS Senior.

Watkins isn’t the only one who learned from the remembrance play.

In fact, Jonathan Holz believes there’s more of a learning opportunity in watching the play, than his students listening to him in class.

“Whenever the kids can get involved it means more to them. They’re able to learn more, in my opinion, rather than again just me lecturing,” said Holz.

With many learning opportunities coming out of the play, there were also many nerves.

“I was honored, but also kind of nervous. Because, you know, you don’t want to mess that thing up that’s so important to many people including our school,” said Gracie Brown – MCHS Senior.

Andrew Watkins says the most shocking thing he learned, was the amount of lives lost.

Along with the play and the choir, the R.O.T.C. also paid tribute to the 13 soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan.

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