McDonald County focuses on roads and bridges


MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. — Officials in McDonald County have their hands full right now, with a number of road and bridge projects.

Work to improve a bridge on Langley road is underway. Repairs to bridges on Millcreek, Salt, and Deer Creek roads will start soon – as will work on a number of roads in the county affected by recent floods. The projects are being funded by the county’s road and bridge project revenue.

Jamey Cope – McDonald County Associate Commissioner, said, “Here in McDonald County we have 670 miles roughly of dirt roads, and about 170 miles of chipped roads, so it takes a long time to go over all of those roads, to get them all replaced and you know fixed adequately to where cars can travel, so there’s a lot going on with the roads right now.”

The hope is to have all bridge projects completed by the end of the year.

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