McDonald County flooding gives late start to summer tourism



Recent flooding in McDonald County has given a typically booming tourism season a late start.

Last month’s storms influenced plenty of cancellations at Big Elk Floats and Camping in Pineville. With the summer months being their peak time for tourists, the high waters on Elk River discouraged many travelers from making it out. However, with Independence Day right around the corner and better weather ahead, they anticipate to make up for lost time.

“We’re looking forward to it this year. We are, we already started planning our 4th of July firework show, we do it every year. And it’s going to be a huge show this year.”

Shannon Brewer, Big Elk Floats and Camping

Big Elk Floats and Camping bring about 300 patrons to their firework show every year. And they add the flooding has made the area even better for fishing and canoeing.

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