MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. — The engineering class at McDonald County High School is giving students the opportunity to build unique projects.

Kamireon Douglas Math and Engineering Teacher, said, “My goal is to first and foremost get them excited about the idea being able to go out and do something like this as a career and then secondly being able to have the structure to know that hey just cause you’re from McDonald County doesn’t mean you have a chance to come out and be apart of a bigger program and see something amazing that you could be apart of.”

Kamireon Douglas teaches all things stem at McDonald County High School — intro to engineering, engineering design and development, and mathematics.

You can learn anything from kinetics which is about how things move you can learn things about simple machines, things about robotics. Things about computers and graphical design. Pretty much anything you wanna do with the engineering field we least touch upon. That is the point of our course is to give good inductions that any student in any engineering field can be part of the program.

Students that take the course have found their passion in what they want to do once they graduate high school and college.

Jaden Allen 12th grade, said, “It’s not just dealing with a whole bunch of math there’s a whole bunch of stuff between designing things like computers 3D modeling real world builds there’s so many things and thankfully there’s actually a teacher that makes it engaging and fun.”

Allen never knew how to 3D design and how to use computer programs until he met Mr. Douglas.

“He’s definitely the main reason why I’m pursuing it as a career rather than just as a hobby.”

While taking the course for 4 years, Allen has even won competitions.

“You will definitely get more out of it if you start early I started freshman year. I’ve retaken his classes couple of the courses multiple times and and it’s still, he changes it up. It’s not the same thing year after year so the longer you’re doing it the more you get out of it”

Once Allen graduates he hopes to major in civil engineering and further work on designing bridges. This year students will be competing at Crowder Colleges engineering day in March, where they will be involved in several engineering challenges and learn more about what Crowder has to offer in stem fields.