McDonald Co. Living Center residents make necklaces for Anderson Elementary students


ANDERSON, Mo. — McDonald County Living Center started sending beaded necklaces to Anderson Elementary.

The school will make trips to the nursing home and have arts and crafts, sing, and interact with residents. Teachers worked with 2nd graders with social and listening skills and wanted to get them to practice how hold a conversation with residents, how to introduce themselves, and have eye contact.

Since the pandemic, nursing homes around the nation have denied visitation so students weren’t able to visit. Residents decided to make beaded necklaces for the students to always remember they are thinking about them.

Nikki Ramsey, 2nd Grade Teacher, said, “They sent the necklaces over and I explain to our second graders this year what we normally do and how we go to the nursing home and what that means to the residents so I explained all that to the kids and handed them their necklaces and they were really excited.”

Teachers hope once the pandemic is over, they can continue to take the students to visit the nursing home.

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