McAuley Catholic High School students from “House of Ignatius” win trip to Silver Dollar City


JOPLIN, Mo. — If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you know there are four different houses in which those students can belong to.

And at the end of every school year, one of those houses is selected as the winner for accumulating the most number of points. Students in McAuley Catholic High School and St. Peter’s Middle School have also been put in one of five different houses, all named after saints.

Today, students in one of those groups were named the winner based upon the points they amassed during the first quarter of the school year. McAuley Principal Dr. Emily Yoakam explains how house members could rack up points.

“Students can get points from morning activities we do together, they can get points for academics, putting in time and work, towards getting better academically, they can earn points for service, service is our biggest point maker for students,” said Dr. Emily Yoakam, McAuley Catholic High School Principal.

Students from the House of Ignatius were named first quarter winners, and for their efforts, they’ll receive a free trip to Silver Dollar City in Branson.

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