MC Swim Coaching hosts a swim group, teaching children ages five to twelve proper swim techniques.


Local kids spend hours in the pool to train for an upcoming competition.

KSN’s Joie Bettenhausen shows us why young swimmers are entering into the summer kids triathlon.

((Nats: “Grab a kickboard.”))

Joie Bettenhausen
MC Swim Coaching hosts a swim group, teaching children ages five to twelve proper swim techniques.
And some of the swimmers in the group are training for youth triathlons.

“We’re teaching them stroke technique, mostly freestyle, but other strokes, endurance and speed.” says Megan Cameron, Coach

Trifest for MS is a triathlon for both children and adults that takes place in Bentonville, Arkansas.
The youth triathlon includes different age groups and distances based the age groups.
And some of Megan’s swimmers competed in the triathlon last August.

“It was really interesting. It was my first time ever doing it and it probably was a little bit tricky for me because I didn’t like the bike.” says Mae Cameron, Triathlete

“It was good and also swimming was the best part. That’s where I got a lot of people and also I had a little bit of a hard time running, but I try to work at that. Biking I’m pretty good at it, but swimming is my favorite part of it.” says Drew Sawkins, Triathlete

These young triathletes were influenced by family members to try this event for the first time.

“Well my mom, she does triathlons. She puts one on in Arkansas, so she said do you want to do this and I said yes and it was super fun.” adds Sawkins

“Well my mom does triathlons and she has been doing them for like the last couple of years or so and so that’s why.” adds Cameron

And Drew is already gearing up for this year’s Trifest for MS.

“I am looking forward to it. I’m training for it by swimming. I run a little, but I just bike with the family, but I mostly train with swimming.” continues sawkins

In Joplin, Joie Bettenhausen, KSN Local News.

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