May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month


The month of May is recognized as Brain Tumor Awareness Month.

Freeman Health’s Dr. Chance Matthiesen says brain cancers take a variety of different forms. Some of them are benign with many people having them without knowing — and those that are not can be very aggressive. Brain tumors can be detected because they cause impairment in the eye, ear, and nerves that control body movements. Scans are used to detect if an individual has one.

“Brain tumors are kind of unique in that when they first start to manifest symptoms in a patient they start to cause things that we experience in a variety of reasons every single day headaches, nausea, sometimes some sensitivity to light,” says Dr. Chance Matthiesen.

Dr. Matthiesen adds if you believe you may be experiencing any symptoms you should seek assistance from a doctor for a scan and, if warranted, a neurological surgeon. Most experts agree that a majority of tumors can be removed, and if this medical approach seems too harmful, other approaches include radiation therapy.

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