Markley Shovel Dedication at Big Brutus


One southeast Kansas coal miner was honored for one of his creations that dates back to the 1920’s.

The late Perry Markley was remembered today at the Big Brutus Visitor’s Center for building his very own shovel.
Markley constructed the machine through spare parts and anything he could find in the junk yard.
And while the creation is much smaller than Big Brutus, it served as a blueprint for many shovels that came after it.
Jimmy Lovell, a Big Brutus Board Member, says, “Perry Markley was an outstanding man. And we are so thankful the whole, about all the family, and some of them from a distance came to be at this event.”

Board members from Big Brutus had been working on getting the shovel to the museum for years.

Relatives of markley’s family donated the shovel in an effort to keep the memory of their family alive.

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