Marijuana Ordinance heard by Joplin City Council


JOPLIN, Mo. — An ordinance to bring medical marijuana smoking areas to town is now on the table for the Joplin City Council.

Chris Shumate, owner of the Smoking Capricorn in Joplin, went before council tonight to advocate for designated spaces for medical marijuana users only.

Shumate sells smoking pipes out of his shop and says many of his customers would like to see designated areas marked around town, so they will no longer have to go home to medicate.

There are already regulations set by the Missouri Department Of Health And Senior Services to allow medical marijuana users to smoke in certain areas.

And Shumate hopes the city can hop on board with their own ordinance.

Chris Shumate owner of Smoking Capricorn said, “The people have told me that they shouldn’t have to hide inside a closet to be able to consume their marijuana, and I have to agree with them. And what we’re trying to do is get the city of Joplin to acknowledge is that this is already something that’s legal and to get them to pass an ordinance. So that the business owners and the patients in the city limits are protected to do that.”

The city council says they would like to learn more about the ordinance before they move forward with a decision.

Shumate’s ordinance proposition will allow business owners to decide if they would like to allow the use of medical marijuana in their stores.

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