Many who test positive for covid 19 will be asked to self quarantine for 14 days


JOPLIN, Mo. — if you end up testing positive for covid-19, you may not even get hospitalized.

So what will you need if you’re sick and told to self-quarantine?

Officials with the Infection Prevention Department at Freeman Health System say, people who test positive, but are stable enough to go home and don’t need hospital care, will be instructed to do so for 14 days.

Then comes managing symptoms on your own.

Freeman officials recommend getting basic, over-the-counter medicines for pain, fever, and congestion.

Also getting adequate rest, eating healthy, taking vitamin-c or herbal supplements and doing some at-home workouts to boost your immune system.

And just because you’re in quarantine doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay inside.

Jessica Liberty, Freeman Infection Prevention Manager, said, “We recommend that you not leave your property. So if you needed to go outside and take a walk in your backyard, if you needed to go out front and sit on the porch for a little bit for some fresh air, absolutely. We encourage that, it helps you to get better.”

Anyone that tests positive needs to be quarantined to a specific room if they live with other people, and should wear a mask when not in that space.

Frequently touched surfaces around your house should be disinfected regularly.

If your symptoms don’t seem to get any better, or get worse during your quarantine, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

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