Many voters opting for early voting in the Four States


FOUR STATE AREA — Millions of registered voters across the country are casting their ballots in advance of election day, including some here in the Four States.

If there’s one thing most officials agree upon when it comes to election day is that turnout could be significantly heavier than previous presidential elections.

Which is why voters like Jennifer Osgood aren’t waiting till November 3rd to cast their ballot.

Jennifer Osgood, Absentee Voter, said, “I am here at the courthouse to voter early, and the reason I’m doing that is because I’m going to be caring for a family member out of state when voting day comes and so I wanted to be sure and get my vote in and not miss out on that opportunity.”

And she didn’t even mind having to wait in order to do so.

“I am glad there is a line in essence that means people are prioritizing getting out and casting their votes so, lines can be a minor inconvenience but that’s not what’s most important on a day like today.”

In Jasper County alone, more than 2,000 more registered voters have cast absentee ballots in this year’s presidential election than four years ago, and election day is still 12 days away. There are a total of seven different reasons absentee voters can claim in order to cast early ballots.

One of the main reasons a lot of people are voting early is because of health concerns, they don’t want to stand out in a line with hundreds of other people during a pandemic on election day.

Rick Simmons and his mom also cast their ballots early.

Rick Simmons, Absentee Voter, said, “So she didn’t have to mess with the crowds and I was in town so I could drive her, so we understand we could vote early today so I brought her down to vote early and I work out of town so I went ahead and voted early myself so we could beat the crowd.”

So why not vote early by mail?

Janet Munson, Absentee Voter, said, “Cause I don’t trust the mail for one thing, I don’t know what’s happened to it but it’s slowed down.”

And do you kind of wonder if it will even get where it needs to go?


If you want to cast your ballot in person in Missouri prior to election day, you have until Monday, November 1st to do so.

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