Many of Missouri’s young adults unaware that 6M Jews were killed in the Holocaust, survey finds


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KOLR) — Nearly two-thirds of United States residents under the age of 40 don’t know that six million Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust, a new survey found.

In one of the most comprehensive studies of American understanding of the Holocaust, some of the most important details of the genocide were lost among young adults in the United States.

After interviewing 11,000 people nationwide and 200 interviews in each state with adults ages 18 to 39 through phone and online interviews, historians and experts with the Claims Conference found that 63% of those interviewed did not know 6 million Jews were murdered.

Instead, 36% of the Millennial and Gen Z respondents thought that 2 million or fewer Jews were murdered. More than 1 in 10 respondents claim having never heard the word “Holocaust” before.

Here are the categories the survey used for interviewing residents in Missouri:

  • Can’t name a concentration camp or ghetto – 50%
  • Believe Jews caused the Holocaust – 8%
  • Did not know what Auschwitz was – 37%
  • Did not know that six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust – 64%
  • Believe 2 million or fewer Jews were killed during the Holocaust – 32%
  • Have seen Holocaust denial or distortion on social media or elsewhere online – 45%
  • Have seen Nazi symbols on the social media platforms they have visited in the past five years – 59%
  • Believe it is important to continue teaching about the Holocaust, in part, so it doesn’t happen again – 85%

“The most important lesson is that we can’t lose any more time,” said Greg Schneider, executive vice president of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, which commissioned the study. “If we let these trends continue for another generation, the crucial lessons from this terrible part of history could be lost.”

According to Kansas City Fox affiliate, WDAF, the world’s largest display of artifacts from Auschwitz will arrive at Union Station in Kansas City next summer.

The Auschwitz exhibit is in New York right now but it will be at Union Station in June of next year. They will have it for at least the beginning of 2022.

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