Many headed back to the physical workplace


SOUTHEAST KANSAS — With covid-19 numbers improving, many employees are heading back to work.

This is obviously a big step – a cautiously optimistic step – in the right direction. While we are starting to see more and more people back in the office, it’s still the middle of a pandemic. So while businesses still have safety precautions in place, they want to make sure work life doesn’t suffer.

Jim Bishop, Jim Bishop & Associates Realtors Owner, said, “I think it’s improved over the last several months of people interacting with other people whether its in the office or out showing property.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, it was the status quo to shift people from a physical office to working remotely.

Blake Benson, Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce President, said, “The virtual working was a necessity, it still allowed businesses to not only keep employees connected but also customers as well.”

With numbers improving and ongoing vaccine efforts, workplaces are beginning to get back to normal. And while safety measures are in place, employers don’t want it to stop people from communicating in person with people they may not of seen for a long time.

“Because they can’t just do work from their desk, they have to interact with the office manager and with other agents,” said Bishop.

At the same time building a personal relationship with their clients in person, instead of just a computer screen.

“They want to work with an agent they trust and a lot of that is done face to face.”

And making sure they keep them safe.

“We just want them to be safe when they’re around prospects and buyers and sellers, and when they’re showing properties, respect the owners of the property that might have a concern.”

To help prevent pandemic conditions from getting worse again, and keeping those personal relations from going away again.

“They want to look out for their employees but they also don’t want to lead to a spike in cases or anything like that that could eventually get businesses shut down again,” said Benson.

As long as conditions continue to improve, businesses are expected to open up more to the public. Lobbies in businesses are likely the next step, like the Commercial Bank in Parsons who opened up their lobby recently.

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