Many college students prepare to vote in their first presidential election

Election Day is here!

JOPLIN, Mo. — The presidential election is right around the corner and for many college students, this will be their first time voting in a presidential race.

We went to Missouri Southern State University Monday to see how student voters were feeling about the upcoming election. Starting off we asked, “What issue is most important to you when deciding who to vote for?”

Hera Schneider, said, “I look for human rights issues more than anything, so immigration policy and LGBTQ policy.”

Michael Thompson, said, “What steps are going to be taken to get the whole Corona thing, needs to be taken care of because its like costing a lot of people their lives.”

Larah Gross, said, “I’m looking for more issues as me as a student, what has to do with education, paying for my education in other ways besides my own self.”

Do you think you will discuss the ability to vote with your peers?

“I think the student population is definitely more willing to vote this time around. I think that there’s a lot more pressure to vote this time around, you see it on social media,” said Schneider.

“The first time you go onto social media a lot of the time it’s like ‘Are you registered to vote, if not come register to vote,” said Vines.

“This election I feel like it’s more in our face, like every commercial is like, vote, vote, vote, and these big companies are having people that support them vote and I feel that’s really important,” said Gross.

What is your general feeling about the debates so far?

“They definitely are different because of COVID, but they also seem to have a lot more hostile than they were before,” said Vines.

“The people running are two argumentative people, just alpha males, just got to get their point across,” said Thompson.

“I think it’s crazy. I think there was definitely a better way to go about it, and they chose to be, to talk over each other, and be more like, not allow the other person to talk,” said Gross.

Steffen spoke to many other students at MSSU, and their comments can be found in the video below.

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