Man wants free whoppers for life after getting locked in Burger King bathroom

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A Portland, Oregon man who was locked in a Burger King bathroom for more than an hour in mid-December 2018 filed a lawsuit against the fast food giant, alleging they reneged on their offer of a lifetime of free Burger King meals as compensation.

Curtis Brooner went to the Burger King at 2555 NE 238th in Portland, Oregon on Dec. 15, the lawsuit states. After he finished his meal he went to the bathroom, but when he tried to leave the door would not open.

He looked at his receipt and called the phone number listed to get help from the Burger King employees. Despite their efforts, he remained locked in the bathroom, the lawsuit states.

At one point, the employees slid a fly swatter under the door and told the 50-year-old man to use it to pry open the bathroom lock. Not only did that not work, he cut his hand during the effort.

Eventually a locksmith was called and was able to get the door open. The lawsuit states Brooner could hear the employees laughing at his predicament.

“Burger King provided Mr. Brooner a Band-Aid and ointment for the cut on his hand, and offered to settle in exchange for a lifetime supply of Burger King meals at no cost,” the suit alleges.

Soon after, though, “Burger King reneged and told Mr. Brooner that it no longer intended to honor the agreement.”

The lawsuit wants Burger King to either honor the agreement or pay Brooner $9026.16, a figure arrived at assuming Brooner lives to be 72 and a Burger King Whopper Meal costs $7.89. The total reflects the cost of one Burger King Whopper Meal per week over that time.

But if Burger King refuses to do either of those things, then Brooner wants compensation for his injury. That compensation, the suit states, will not exceed $9,026.16.

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