Man shocks Tennessee restaurant workers with $1,000 tip


TENNESSEE — A man visiting Gatlinburg, Tennessee over the weekend made quite an impression at a restaurant.

Not only did he leave a generous tip for the staff, but he also did something else to pay it forward. The Burg Steakhouse in downtown Gatlinburg stays pretty busy, but there was one customer that made these employees pause for a moment with gratitude.

Working at a restaurant in downtown Gatlinburg can get pretty hectic and Saturday was no exception. But it was the generosity of one particular customer, who left a $1,000 tip, that stopped these employees in their tracks.

That’s not all– the man– who wishes to remain anonymous— not only paid for his own meal but picked up the tab for two other tables. The man told the staff that he was terminally ill and wanted to spend his money on others before he died. All he asks is that people pay it forward.

It was a surprise Ashley Rakstraw is grateful for. The restaurant is hiring. The owner says hey you might get a job here and something like this could happen to you.

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