Man arrested for smoking drugs on sheriff’s parking lot

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Police are used to tracking down criminals, and they don’t expect criminals to come to them, but that’s exactly what happened in Cherokee County this morning.

A Sheriff’s Deputy was in the office communicating with other officers across the state about road conditions when he saw a man and woman pull into the station’s parking lot.

From the surveillance camera he could see a woman getting out of the car while the man stayed in the car.

While the woman was coming inquire about posting bail for a prisoner, the deputy noticed in the camera that the man was smoking drugs on the parking lot.

The deputy went outside to the car and found Christopher Hill, who was in possession of a considerable amount of methamphetamine along with various drug paraphernalia. 

Hill, 25 of Joplin, was placed under arrest in lieu of 15 thousand dollars bond.  He is being charged with possessing methamphetamine with intent to distribute, possessing methamphetamine and possessing drug paraphernalia. 

Sheriff David Groves says, “This is certainly a situation which can be used to demonstrate the damage done by using meth, which clearly results in a diminished ability to think rationally.”

The woman who was with Hill was not arrested and decided to not post the bond for either man at this time. 

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