PITTSBURG, KS – Almost 100 years ago, Malle Service and Tire opened its doors in Pittsburg.

Since that time, it’s served generations of families in Southeast Kansas.

But that will all change at the end of business on Friday.

“We’ve survived a lot of things, from the depression to the pandemic, the worst recession this country’s had, we’re survivors.” Says Ed Malle, Malle’s Service and Tire Owner.

For roughly 42 years, Ed Malle has been helping with the family business.

“Fourth generation, my great grandfather started it.” Says Malle.

Since 1924 the Malle family has been running the country’s oldest running full service filling station, but on July 30th, it will be closing its doors.

“I’m closing the business, I’m retiring, my family’s been here for 97 years.” Says Malle.

Over the years Malle Service and Tire has become a fixture in the Pittsburg and Southeast Kansas community.

They say generations of families helped keep the doors open.

“They know what we do, they become community members themselves if they weren’t here originally.” Says Malle.

“Family has been a customer here since the early 50’s, my dad and mom came here from Columbus. Then later on I worked down here, I rode my bike down here when I was little and bought a bottle of pop for 10 cents and then they put me to work.” Says Scott Craine, Family Customer & Former Employee.

While Malle himself will still be around, loyal customers and loyal friends are saying goodbye to the shop and its legacy.

“They come in and say ‘Ed darn it, you’re leaving, we don’t want you to leave but congratulations, a well deserved retirement, best wishes,” and that’s what I wanted to hear. I’m leaving on a high, I’m leaving on my own terms, and what better way to retire than to leave on your own terms. It’s been one good journey and one good ride.” Says Malle.