Mall sees annual Black Friday rush


JOPLIN, Mo. — Shoppers were out early this morning enjoying stuffing their bags and searching for deals.

Joplin shoppers lined up early in front of their favorite stores at the mall.

Shopper Haylee Smith said, “We were waiting there for 30 minutes. Just waiting for them to open up the does.”

With anticipation growing to be the first to get their hands on the best Black Friday deals.

“My heart was beating fast, I was ready to get in here and just like start shopping.”

Some for the very first time.

Landon Austin, Shopper, said, “I’ve never done it before so I just wanted to try it. My mom was down with it, so we pulled up.”

While others came back for more.

Doris Zhu, Shopper, said, “It’s my second Black Friday in the United States so I’m very excited about that.”

Doris Zhu says she has traveled far to do some Black Friday shopping.

“It’s a special experience for me because we never have it in my country, Taiwan.”

Some shoppers decided to pass up on the mall fun shopping online.

Debbie Merman, Shopper, said, “It’s not as busy, well it used to be. I mean it was a lot busier before. Like last year, year before it was bad.”

But some websites shut down from overwhelming amounts of online traffic. But Haley Smith and her friends say that’s not their style!

“I don’t like to buy stuff online, I like to get it in the store. I just like the anticipation of spending money, cash money, instead of credit card money.”

Because it’s an experience you won’t forget.

“It’s definitely worth it. It’s so much fun and you get to make memories with your friends and family.”

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