Make A Wish Oklahoma recipient gets trip to Hawaii


It’s a special moment for one Oklahoma family.

The family’s daughter is a recipient of Make A Wish Oklahoma Foundation. The foundation grants children who are battling illnesses, or recuperating from them a special wish.

Eight year old Jaelee Munson of Quapaw has battled an aggressive form of cancer known as neuroblastoma for many years. Munson is currently in remission after taking a trial drug of DFMO and will continue throughout the rest of the year.

“I can’t even imagine being her age at 5 year old and getting woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning and saying ‘ok you have to take a bath because the chemos going to burn your skin,’” says Casie Munson, Mother of Jaelee Munson. 

About 2 and a-half years ago a family member nominated Jaelee for Make A Wish Oklahoma. They went through a series of interviews, and she was selected and her wish of taking a trip to Hawaii is coming true. In the first week of February she will be taking the 7 day trip with her mom and dad.

“If it wasn’t for the community we wouldn’t have made it this far..The community allowed us both to be able to up there the whole time with her and that was really a blessing,” says Kevin Munson.

Now that the trip is only a few weeks away jalee is looking forward to doing some special things.

“I want to see the dolphins..Swim with the dolphins and also see the turtles,” says Jaelee Munson.

There will be a special going off party held for Munson in Miami prior to the family heading to hawaii. They are hoping the community comes out to support them during this special time.

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