AURORA, Mo. — Community spirit is making a difference in one Southwest Missouri town.
Recently Aurora Was able to make a big step in a Baldwin Park project, but as this project is coming to an end, city leaders are hoping the community will continue to help them as they develop a plan for the future.
“It felt pretty great for the community to get behind this project,” says Jon Holmes, Aurora City Manager.

The newest addition to the Aurora dog park has been recently installed, a project that’s truly become a community effort since it was approved by the city council last year.
“We began a campaign across the community to see about doing some fundraising,” says Holmes, “We got a sizable amount of funds from that. 29 thousand dollars is actually what we got. By the time it was all said and done the city only had to put about 13 thousand dollars out.”
The city is hoping to ride this momentum.
It’s developing a park master plan, a roadmap of future projects throughout all city parks.
“The council and the park board came to the conclusion that we needed to get a unified vision of the things that we’re doing,” says Holmes, “Part of the park master plan was to have a survey from the community so we did that, to get a lot more information about what they would like to see.”
One of those priorities is the construction of a recreation center, which Holmes would like to see begin construction in two and a half years.
“We’re in the process of working out some details on that, the city purchased about 35 acres here in town in November,” says Holmes.
A community meeting regarding the park master plan will take place on January 18th at city hall, and Holmes says one specifically for the recreation center will also take place in the coming months.