Historic Route 66 brings tourists from all over the U.S. as well as the world. But it’s not the only attraction in Southeast Kansas where that’s happening.

History books are filled with the exploits of well known presidents, generals and explorers who’ve changed the course of history. But others have made significant contributions to their fellow man but aren’t as well known. Telling their stories is the purpose behind the Lowell Milken Center for unsung heroes in Fort Scott.

Even though 2018 isn’t finished yet, they’ve already had 11 thousand visitors here at the Lowell Milken Center, it’s the 11th anniversary of the Center and the play “Life in a Jar” which started everything’s coming up on it’s 20th anniversary. Executive director, and history teacher Norm Conard says sometimes they never know who is coming and from where until they show up.

“A group of students and teacher who drove from Amarillo Texas a few weeks ago, drove in just to see the center, we did a program, they spent part of the day with us and then they drove back, now they wanted information on certain of our unsung heroes so that’s exciting to have that kind of interest,” says Norm Conard.

And oftentimes visitors from far outside the Four States stop and stay for a while, in some case overnight benefiting the entire community.

“We’re fortunate that it’s right here in our downtown area because that also helps the local restaurants and nearby shops and everything when those people come to town,” says Lindsay Madison, Ex. Dir., Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s exciting to see that many people come from 50 states and now 96 foreign countries over out 11 years in Fort Scott,” says Norm Conard.