JOPLIN, Mo. (KSNF) – The Joplin Museum Complex is now home to a commemorative piece of art in memory of the May 22, 2011 tornado.

“Lost Photos of Joplin – Always Remember” was presented to museum officials today by the National Disaster Photo Rescue.

The butterfly-shaped creation was done by Carthage artist and photographer, Caitlynn Casperson.

It’s made up of images, collected by volunteers in the days and months after the tornado as part of the “Lost Photos of Joplin” project.

“And I want them to look at this photo and realize that as Joplin is growing from this, and you know, we’re growing as a community, but we’ll never forget what happened to our community, but we also want them to know that we are growing stronger every day and we will still spread that love and we will always remember,” says Casperson.

A reunification and public viewing event will be held at the museum on Saturday from 10:00am – 3:00pm.

More than 40,000 pictures and pieces of memorabilia were collected in the “Lost Photos” project.

More than half have since been returned.