Longhorn Arena celebrates 5 years of operation with roping event


MOUNT VERNON, Mo. — In celebration of 5 years in business, a southwest Missouri arena owner gathered residents for its annual Be Thankful Roping Extravaganza.

Amye Donaldson says when she first purchased the arena, the first thing she did was bring out her friends to rope.

So, keeping this tradition alive has been very special to her.

About 70 teams came out to compete in several different roping contests, catered to both adults and children.

Amye Donaldson, owner of Longhorn Arena, says, “It brings, especially in this kind of event, this brings the horse community together. These people see each other in different events around this area. They get to know each other, they compete together, it’s kind of an extended family.”

Participants were given 70% pay back.

They were also given prizes all throughout the day.

Arena owners selected best teams, including the oldest and fastest.

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