Long Haulers Syndrome


JOPLIN, Mo. — Coronavirus continues taking a toll on the U.S. — but there is a new concern after recovering from the virus.

What are doctors seeing? Doctors are seeing a jump in patients experiencing symptoms months after infection. They’re calling it long haulers syndrome.

Alex Hunt, Coronavirus Long Hauler, said, “My smell has been not as sensitive and my taste has been completely different.”

Researchers found 70 to 80% of people who recovered from coronavirus are still experiencing symptoms for 12 weeks after the initial infection. Doctors are calling it coronavirus long Haulers Syndrome. Alex Hunt was diagnosed with coronavirus back in September and is still dealing with a loss of smell and taste.

“Everything has a completely different smell and tastes completely different than what it did before. And most things have a certain tang to it that I cant quite explain.”

Freeman Health System says Long Haulers Syndrome is not linked to the severity of coronavirus.

Dr. Rob McNab, Director of Covid Services for Freeman Health System, said, “Even the patients who had very mild cases are just as likely to have symptoms that go on for quite some time.”

He says having long hauler symptoms does not mean you still have coronavirus.

“This is like the aftermath of a tornado does it involve you still having a tornado? You just have to clean up the mess. Much like that the Long Haul Syndrome is really the aftermath of the virus that you’ve since gotten rid of your body just has to repair the damage and learn to function again.”

If you are experiencing long term symptoms he recommends managing your pain with anti-inflammatories and going back to the basics.

“good nutrition, trying to get a good amount of sleep, sleep hygiene, decreasing stress in your life.”

He recommends talking to your primary care doctor to come up with a plan on how to tackle your symptoms. Freeman Health System will also be putting out a questionnaire for post covid patients to track what they need after recovery.

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