Locals gather to find out about a famous scientists life. Who is George Washington Carver?


DIAMOND, Mo. — The George Washington Carver National Monument is teaching the community about Carver’s life.

Saturday afternoon the park held an event called “Who is George Washington Carver?”

Carver was a world renowned scientist who created more than 300 types of peanut products and helped farmers fight soil depletion.

Valerie Baldwin, Park Guide, says, “He ended up giving them new tools on how to make their soil stronger and helped farmers from all different areas from all different backgrounds to be able to farm and get great food and stuff.”

The presentation takes the community through Carver’s beginnings as a slave in Diamond to becomming a free man.

Sunday they’re hosting another free program about George Washington Carver National Monument at 1 P.M.

Next week they’re holding the program “Man of Great Faith” where they will discuss how faith played a role in Carver’s life.

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